The tourmaline advantage

At the present time it is revealed and confirmed that health-improving tourmaline goods have the following effects:

1) Biocurrent balancing of the human body

Due to the fact that microcurrent circulates on the surface of tourmaline all the time (I = 0.06mA), which is equal to the biocurrent of the organism, it can fill the gap and bring into compliance at any time, negating the pathological potential, and thus playing a health-promoting role for the organism.

2) Infrared eradiation

The tourmaline iplicator, which based on tourmaline material, is an acupressure instrument that is characterized by such exceptional features as 90.4% long-wavelength infrared radiation and negatively charged ions of 682 ions/cc, antibacterial and deodorant effects: 98% and 87%respectively, etc. At the contact with the human body due to the human heat and liquids, it occurs a process of separation of infrared rays and negative ions. There is an effect on blood, vessels, muscle tissue and nerve endings. Infrared rays penetrate the human’s body to 40 –50 mm and create a resonance effect in the molecules of tissues and body fluids, in the process of which capillary vessels expand and the blood flow rate increases, so the body oxygen content and the activated protein increase.

3) Negative ions emission

The negative ions released by tourmaline stimulate the cellular metabolism, increase the vitality of the cells, soothe the nerves, eliminate fatigue, etc. Infrared rays and negative ions simultaneous effect increases blood circulation, helps reduce pain, and removes fat deposits. Studies of negative ions showed an acceleration of cell renewal, an increase in vital activity, purification of blood.

4) Cells activation with the help of a natural energy field

Tourmaline crystals are known to be a natural solar battery. They can absorb and accumulate solar energy, convert it into thermal energy (infrared rays) and electricity (biocurrent) and then release them and form a tourmaline energy field, from which energy is continuously supplied to the body cells. Tourmaline zone restores and nourishes the human’s biological field, reduces the harmful effects of geopathogenic, bioenergetic, impulse and electromagnetic influences. The use of a tourmaline iplicator stimulates the function of osteoblasts, helps restore joints and bones, facilitating the release of synovial fluid and the best lubrication of diarthroses  surfaces.

Studies have shown that the characteristics of a human's biological field coincide with the characteristics of the infrared spectrum of tourmaline radiation. Our body can not only radiate, but also intensively absorb infrared rays of this spectrum. The reflection creates the effect of recycling or re-use of the body radiation. Therefore, when a tourmaline iplicator is applied to the painful place, the energy exchange of the fields begins: the tourmaline gives energy to the human, then the reflected spectrum from the human is passed to the tourmaline, and so on. We hope the use our tourmaline iplicator improves your health.

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