From a big amount of letters received by the company Iplikator, we present only some that speak for themselves

I had borrowed it and it makes miracles.

R. K., Rychnov n. K

I already have one and it is the best cure I have known. Thank you very much…

Jaroslav J., Rychnov n. K.

It's a great thing, I would never change it for anything.

Jana J., Žemberovce

The first moments I thought it was a useless thing. But after some minutes I was surprised how great a thing it is ! After 15 years of pain, I feel great now. Thanks a lot for the item you have produced. With regards…

Margita T., Tanvald

In the beginning, please accept my warmest regards. I have already tried out the little carpet and I can say that 10 doctors can't be better than that. Many many thanks…

Jaroslav B., Suchohrad 144

First time I didn't believe in “hedgehogs“ but I have tested their abilities on myself. Since last autumn, I have been using it and I don't need any pain-relief medicines which I had to use daily before. Truly many thanks …

Anna L., Domaniža

Your Iplikator is an unbelievable thing … I wondered that people wrote to newspapers and thanked you for your Iplikator. I wouldn't believe that some “hedgehog“ can bring relief to my rheumatics, which were bothering me for the last 20 years. My daughter ordered an Iplikator for me and, thank god, relief has come. Thank you so much for discovering the “hedgehog“, thank you …

Štefan Š., (82) / retired, Púchov

I don't know how to thank you for little doctor Iplikator because it helped me so much with my aching knee, joints and loins. These days I have no pains - truly, I use it more often - but thanks to the Lord and you, I am pain free. It is worth 10 doctors, because I've visited doctors so many times, used so many medicines and pills - nothing was helpful. But Iplikator is great.

H. J., Rešov

My dear anonymous good friends, my gratefulness is unmeasurable, you cannot imagine how big my surpise was, I cried and prayed at once. I was like in a dream… that was so beautiful and unforgettable. I've received miraculous little carpet and that was the most memorable experience in my life.

R., Martin

I admit that I didn't trust in something that would bring me relief in my spinal and loins-torturous pain. The pains stayed even after application of American or Swiss medicines or after any therapy I have undergone. Without trust, I ordered the small Iplikator and - even from the beginning I was shocked - within 1 hour, I recognized that my pain receded and at certain moments I felt pain free. With best regards and thanks forever …

Víra S., Litovel

After using a small Iplikator, I felt a great relief, which was truly unbelievable. I had 3 surgeries on my knee in the past years. I couldn't even perform any sports. Now my knee is almost pain free, I walk with no problems and from time to time I can play my favourite-volleyball. In case a small pain occurs, Iplikator will help it. Thank you …

Vladimír P., Kroměříž

From the beginning, I didn't trust you because many firms offer their products today and many people get cheated by them as well. But I must apologise to you from my heart… Your product is really miraculous and perfect in performance. Different doctors and medicines have not helped me with my legs, spinal and major body pain. Therefore I wanted to try your Iplikator as my last hope. I started to use your Iplikator according to the instructions and unbelievable success has appeared. From the beginning the pains weakened and today, they are completety gone. I feel great. I gifted my mom with smaller carpet. She had big pains in her foot. She also cried - but not for pain but happiness because all the pain and sleepless nights were gone. Therefore, I would like to thank you greatly, especially for my 72-year old mom.

Václav K., Štítí

I haven't believed in anything, nothing helped my aching knees, injections, irradiations, gels - nothing that was suggested to me. My knees still stood unmovable, every step on the stairs brought tears to my eyes… According to your instructions I used Iplikator and after 1 hour, when I released my knee, I found that I am able to bend it almost to my nose! I immediately bended my other knee and now I walk freely like a gazelle, I raise my knees and I am endlessly happy, so that I must write to you. I didn't believe in the letters, where so many people thank you… thousand times-thank you, I really didn't believe that I will ever lose these pains. Once more thank you …

Helena B., Olomouc

"Your iplikator's amazing, because it helped my husband from major knee pain that has lasted half a year despite various therapeutic actions, the pain remained.

Ingrid. Š., Prague

"... I am very grateful for iplikator, which frees me from the cruel pain. It is indispensable for me." Beata V, Prague

Beata V, Prague

"I am extremely excited about the product, which helps even though not return, but at least maintains good health. I tested it personally, it's excellent."

Dr. Ludvik P., Bratislava

"I use it for about half a year, I am very satisfied. My feet hurt very much, thanks to you, feet stopped hurting me. " Anna S. Gajary

Anna S. Gajary

"Thanks to your iplikator I walk around the house without a crutch. It is really for all health problems, it is a excellent mean of treatment."

Jan V. Mikulovice

"After buying a small iplikator from your company, my health condition greatly improved, for what I thank you very much."

Maria S. Kadaň

"I am very satisfied with it. I have a defect in the cervical spine, and since I have it, life is much more beautiful to me and I enjoy every detail of it."

Lubomir J. Přerov

"After a half year of serious pain in the right leg and later in the spine, I finally feel release, I overall feel much better. Every day I think of you with gratitude and wishing well. "

Elena I, Bratislava

"Your iplikator allowed me to spend this Christmas without pain. Thanks to you."

Alex P. Rychnov nad N.

"Your product is actually better than a few massages, really much better."

Vera. and Jan S. Prague...

"Heath of my mom improved after the application of this iplikator, for what we wholeheartedly thank you."

Olga.K. Poníky

"I do not regret at all that I have ordered from you this good little thing, and thus I thank you." Vlasta. H. Křinec

Vlasta. H. Křinec

"Iplikator works perfectly. It's a great invention! I recommend it to all! "

Jana K., Lovčica - Trubín

"This is what we have needed for a long time, not some charlatans who enrich themselves at the expense of other people. We do not have to suffer insults and humiliation, and we can help ourselves."

Irena C., Nové Zámky


Against aching back, joints, headache, muscle fatigue and insomnia.

Acupressure mat Kuznetsov’s Iplicator helps to successfully eliminate many medical problems. IPLICATOR is, at first sight, a very simple tool – there are plastic circles with needles fixed to the linen or plastic foil carpet of different sizes. The shape, number, and formation are very sophisticatedly designed.

BE CAREFUL! • Since 2008, after a significant success of the iplicator in Sweden"KMH – skolan", there were a lot of fake Chinese and Indian copies pursuing entirely commercial aims such as Shakti Mat, Yantra Mat, Yoga mat, Qmed, Histamat, and many others. In an attempt to bypass the patent protection, the shape, density and sharpness of the grottoes of the module, the number of grottoes,were changed, often to exotic ones, what significantly reduced the medical effect or even brought it to naught. It should be emphasized that the existing classical modules of the iplicator and their configuration were the result of prolonged experimentation with different versions of the modules in different medical institutions. In addition, there are practically no serious medical studies on altered modules, there are no certifications by organizations for the control of medical devices, none of them, except for the iplicator manufactured in Europe, is included in EUDEMED, the European database for medical products. There are no warnings about contra indications. The non-toxicity of acupressure mats used and brought from Asia is doubtful too.! In addition, it was recently discovered that the Chinese are adding lead to paint.

Iplicator is designed for individual use. Its idea finds its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, and can be related to the practice of “MEI HUA CHENG“ also known as “Peking Hammer“. The iplicator brings relief to sufferers of joint, muscle and back pains. It also enhances the body's regeneration and increases vitality. The iplicator releases the body's natural resistance to pain. The range of uses of the iplicator is vast, in both prevention and treatment.

It has been used successfully to:

Advantages: Immediate effect, simplicity of use, treatment frequency can vary depending on condition of the patient.

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Slovak republic
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About us

Our firm was formed in 1990, as a manufacturer and distributor of the IPLICATOR – a health product that helps for aches of the back, neck, head, muscle stiffness and insomnia. In 1993 our firm has introduced to the world market the new models to the Iplikator line (protected by the patents, originator Valentin Dikarev): A2, A3, A5, A6, B4, B5, B6, C1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, E1, E2, E3, E4 which considerably expand sphere of use iplikators.

Our products are approved by Minstry of Health Slovak and Czech republic valid in EU also by STATE institute for drug control, code A65658 and A56657

From forums

I, am not a dealer, but I would like to instruct ever one on how to help their back pain. I bought an Iplikator, because I could not believe that it could work until I tried it. I had a terrible back pain for over 5 years, and I tried everything, creams, ice gells, Ipobrufen, Brufen, Wobenzym, Ibalgin and Aloe Vera, and absolutly nothing worked! So anyone that will buy and try the Iplikator will see who it truly works! I suffered terribly with pain and now it is not completely gone, but reduced by a great amount which is hard to believe! It is also good to do as Mother Mary said, to use dry heat and lay for a period of time! The Iplikator cost 530CZK, but is a bargain compared to all the creams, tablets and medicines that I bought! Zdena


Dear doctor, Diabetes mellitus is serious and unpleasant disease. I bought a rug from your shop and the words of praise are useless, therefore I would use a very popular phrase “it´s great”. I am diabetic dependent on insulin and my legs (to the ankles) were swelling a lot. I used to go to bed in support stockings to keep my legs warm, wake up because of pain and tingling legs and I had trouble falling asleep again. The rub helped my legs to improve blood circulation and I do not need any stockings anymore. When sitting I use to lay my feet on the rug and I keep pressing them against the rug. It´s great. For any diabetic it´s a great help when your legs are suffering. Besides, I am using this rug also for my arms – I press my hands softly against the rug. This all is new to me and it should be promoted. The only condition is to have your skin intact and undamaged without any blisters or rashes. Otherwise the wound is extremely difficult to heal and when it´s serious, there is a risk of amputation. I am really promoting your products. My sisters as well as some of my friends already bought your products. Kind regards,

František from Trnava